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Every now and then the world sees great and exceptional leaders who change not only the lives of people who know them but also empower the whole mankind to positivity, better perspective and eventually a better life. At the offset of the 20th century, the world saw the evolution of one such great healer.  His name was Alfredo Bowman. He came from a very humble background and a poor African nation. But a life-changing experience in the 1960s forced him to rethink about health and he pledged to take the message of holistic and herbal health to all Americans and the entire world. Many tried to stop him, but millions of many followed him and eventually, he became one of the pioneers who changed the way not only America but the entire world looked towards health and diseases. The world knows that remarkable person as Dr. Sebi.

Dr. Sebi is now not just a name of a person, but a way of leading life, a perspective of health and more importantly a change from chemical dependency to herbal healing. We have made the pledge that Dr. Sebi made 4 decades ago, to take his message to all Americans and the entire world. To free them from disease-stricken lives and give them the path to a healthy and safe life, something they all deserve.

Here, you will find the solution to all of your major health problems. Our treatment consists of natural herbs and minerals which have been taken from the wild and worked upon so that they are useful for you. These natural herbs and minerals are much better and effective than any artificially synthesized supplement or medicine that you buy from any market or store.  From Liver diseases to kidney diseases, we have the solution for every major system of the body.

Today there is an epidemic of diseases hunting for humanity. But what has caused them. Our own recklessness for our health and love for quick and easy solutions have given rise to them.  No longer ago, the common way of dealing with any problem was take a pill and put your problem aside. But when the diseases kept getting bigger and bigger and the pills also got bigger and bigger but the problem was only worsening up, folks started to realize that they need to heed to Mother Nature. They need to go back to the basics.  Herbs are much better way to treat our body, they are natural, they don’t have side-effects and they don’t alter the normal functioning of our body, it seems so simple but it took someone like Dr. Sebi to make us understand all of this.

Let us have a look at the major healing solutions that we have created for the major functions of the body.


This kit as the name suggests is for detoxification of the gut and the entire blood running in the body. The accumulation of toxins and dirt in the gut and the blood is the cause of many health problems. It is important for everyone of us to detoxify once atleast every year. To know about it click here.


Immunity problems are on the rise, and every person living out there today in this chemical-filled and polluted world has a compromised immunity to a certain degree. From small to severe immunological problems are cropping up. This kit is to heal all such problems related to immunity. To know more about it click here.


The heart is one the most important organs of  our body and a small deformation into it can be life-threatening. This kit is to ensure that you save yourself from any heart ailment and also heal any heart problem like hypertension, or blocked arteries or high cholesterol. To know more about it click here.


With the evolution of the 21st century, mental stress and problems have increased tremendously. This kit has been designed to heal the brain from multiple problems like stroke, nerve damage, mental weakness, epilepsy e.t.c. To know more about it click here.


The liver is one of the most important and complex organs of the human body. But the kind of food we eat today, the kind of envoirement that we live into, and the kind of drugs we are accustomed to, all have degraded the liver and caused it to malfunction. That is why many diseases like Liver cancer, Hepatitic C, and others have originated. This Kit ensures that your liver is healed and it is able to function properly. See here for more information about this kit.


Kidney is the organ that purified the blood and cleans toxins and garbage out of it. But what happens when the kidney is toxicated and malfunctions. Well that is what this Kit is for. It ensures healing of the kidneys and heals UTIs and kidney stones. To know more about it click here.


Men today have no longer the same potency that men of many centuries ago had. While some of the reasons are beyond their control, some of the reasons are created by them like excessive drinking or smoking, dependency on drugs or bad eating habits. This Kit takes care of both these set of reasons and enables men to perform well and feel more confident and strong physically and sexually. You can see the complete set of our solutions here.


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