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Dr Sebi Herbal Detox Kit

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Dr Sebi was one of the first people in the modern world who gave immense importance to Detoxification of the body. This herbal detox kit is going to clean your gut and digestive system of all the toxins and other harmful materials that have been lying there for a long time. This is the best Pure Natural Detox Program that you are gonna get on this planet. The major herbs that  are part of this kit are Amla, Manjistha, Neem and Mahatikt.  The ingredient herbs have been directly taken from the wild and tested for quality and safety and then only they have been used to make the herbal preparations. That is why it is so effective and popular among herbal health enthusiasts. Not only does it clean your gut but also purifies your blood and bloodstreams of all the dirt. We advise people to use this kit at least once every 6 months or if don’t have time, you should atleast  detox once a year.  Like all the other kits available here, this Kit is going to last for 2 months and the instructions will be sent along with the products to you.  Also along with it we will send you detailed diet plan and other details that you have to follow in these two months.

Dr Sebi Herbal Detox Kit

1 review for Dr Sebi Herbal Detox Kit

  1. Jerome M. Fern

    This is really awesome kit. I tried it and now I feel so fresh and energetic. It totally detoxed my body. Thanks dr. sebi.

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